Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Magic mushrooms

April and May are full of friends and family birthdays and I've been busy making cards for the big days. I can share a card I made for my sister because it was her birthday last week, my inspiration came from the magic retro mushrooms I've been seeing everywhere on mugs, pots and even glasses!
My favourite mug from Staffordshire potteries
I've felt a little wave of sewing mojo return this week and I've cut out lots of fabric to make cushions, I just hope Miss Jones will forgive me for neglecting her for so long! 
Hope you're all having a lovely week x

Thursday, 9 April 2015

How not to wallpaper

Long time since the last blog post I know! I've been meaning to post this one for ages but I keep getting side tracked! Blame Instagram! Woops! Way back in February pancake day to be precise I invited my sisters around for pancakes. I finish work at half three and instead of going home and prepping my mixture and fillings I decide it might be the right time to wallpaper our loo. Picture this.... A cold February afternoon and I get changed into my leopard print housecoat and slippers, strip everything out of the loo to clean. You could barely swing a mouse let alone a cat in our loo, so wall papering the space was never going to be easy anyway, but under time pressure and wearing a housecoat and I was asking for trouble. Now I've never wallpaped a whole wall before and things were going well until the final strip went up and it was  20" to short!!!! Cue panic and sweats and then the doorbell rang! I managed to patch up the last bit with a off cut but the pancakes were a disaster! Will I ever learn!! Love our new loo though this wallpaper is fabulous, it's made in Sweden and is a remake of a 1974 design!
This paper also comes in an orange and grey colour way, too much for our living room? I'm tempted now I've got the wallpapering bug!
Have a brilliant weekend xx

Sunday, 15 March 2015

Happy Mothers Day

Happy Mother's Day! 
I found these gorgeous vintage cards recently, my favourites are the little girl and deer and the popup roses card. 
One of my furry babies!

Monday, 9 March 2015

Farewell February

February flew by! How is it March already!? Here's a snippet of what February looked like 
Had a go a weaving with some left over wool.
Caught these two hanging together.
On a shopping day day out with my sister in Ballymena I bought this pretty embroidery in a charity shop, love one another
Welcoming Spring and moving the cats around
A gift from my friend for helping her at the Quirky Weddings fair, this cute candle made in Belfast by the bearded candle makers
My sister let me loose on her bedroom for a makeover! I loved doing it! 
Have a lovely weekend x

Sunday, 1 March 2015

Always look on the bright side

I LOVE the colour yellow, for me it's a happy colour and it features all over our house. Daffodils, sunshine need I say more! If you're a yellow lover and an Instagram fan then you should definitely check out this weeks @flots_n_jets nine challenge just search for the hashtag #fjnine. This weeks theme is yellow and if spring is still feeling a little far off or you just need a little cheering up this will do the trick! I love seeing everyone else's nines. I started my nine in my house then I was out in Belfast yesterday with a friend and yellow seemed to be everywhere so I couldn't resist another, here are my nines...
Come and play along if you love yellow too! 
Have a great day xx

Saturday, 14 February 2015

Sharing the love

Hello! And happy St Valentines Day to you all!
Yesterday after work I helped a friend in the madness that is a florists before St Valentines Day! My jobs were to dethorn the roses and I had a go a making bouquets. I absolutely love flowers but last night opened my eyes, a florist is seriously hard work but it was all bouquet in the end. My friends recently had a van makeover, although it seems to be confusing a lot of people, does no one get the word association!!??  Botany any flowers recently? Don't get it....bought any flowers recently. 
Since the new year I've been writing one motivational love letter a week and leaving it for someone to find. Every Sunday night I head to the craft room and pen my letter then during the week I'll choose my moment to leave it, could be in a tree or on a bus stop or anywhere. You never know who will find the letter but I hope that my letters have brought a few smiles the people who picked found them!
To share some love today I've filled some tiny envelopes with a message of love, some hearts and a chocolate, I'll go for a walk later and give them to people. 
Have a great weekend everyone xx

Saturday, 7 February 2015

Roll with it

Vintage wallpaper is very hard to come by in Belfast of course you can buy it on the internet but it's usually pretty expensive and can only be bought in one off rolls. So you can imagine my excitement after a visit to Nobletts in Belfast (amazing wallpaper shop!!) finding a Swedish design wallpaper originally made in 1974. It was love at first sight! Nobletts has a wallpaper for everyone! People of Belfast do not wallpaper until you've visited!!! A roll was purchased and was put to use in project number one, another little craft room makeover! I've lost count how many times this room has changed! I added more crates, painted them all white, added some of the wallpaper and rearranged all my bits and bobs.
Lots of wallpaper left! So planning another little makeover with it very soon! I'll leave you with this, two other wallpapers that caught my eye, fabulous flamingo and colourful one that was right up my street! Have a great weekend everyone!